Wednesday, 19th February 2020 By Robin Jose
“AI doesn’t have to be a black box”

Robin Jose, CTO at Scorable comments on the European Commission’s strategies for data and artificial intelligence (AI) published on 19 February 2020:

"If implemented, the European Commission’s data strategy will be an important step to boost Europe’s competitiveness in the data economy whilst safeguarding privacy rules. Data is power, drives innovation and fuels AI solutions. However, Europe has fallen behind the US and China when it comes to the development and adoption of new technologies including AI.

 "Whilst AI still has some obvious weaknesses this shouldn’t stop us from seizing the opportunities ahead. AI doesn’t have to be a black box - there is a different way of doing things and it’s called Explainable AI. We believe that Explainable AI can be a game changer as it will help increase transparency and overcome many of the hurdles that currently prevent its adoption. This is why it’s crucial that we push ahead and work together to further enhance AI solutions, and make them safe."