Portfolio Management & Research as a Service
BondIT and Scorable have combined their innovative technologies. FIND OUT MORE
Thursday, 19th November 2020
BondIT and Scorable have joined forces: Introducing Portfolio Management & Research as a Service

BondIT and Scorable have combined their innovative technologies, enabling asset & wealth managers to fully automate and optimize their investment process. Users can now build and analyze fixed-income portfolios in minutes – rather than hours or days.

In addition to swiftly generating and analyzing new portfolios, our integrated portfolio management & research as a service solution allows asset managers to rebalance existing portfolios, and define and manage universes, including approved or restricted issuer lists. Users can simply specify their individual portfolio objectives and bond level constraints and get results in real-time, further improving productivity and efficiency for asset managers while helping scale revenues.  

Our combined technologies enable firms to make use of the ever-increasing market data, as well as their proprietary data – and transform that data into competitive advantage. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you boost efficiency, performance and scale, please request our brochure or contact our sales & product specialists for more information: