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Friday, 6th December 2019 By by Scorable
Meet Victor Chicha, Product Evangelist at Scorable

How does a typical day at your job look like?

My role is to define and implement a sales strategy to develop the French-speaking markets. In practice, this means I get involved in a great variety of tasks and projects. Meeting clients, building partnerships and improving our lead acquisition through different channels are vital parts of what I do at Scorable. To help spread the message about Scorable, I also organize workshops about AI in the Asset Management industry and speak to journalists on a regular basis. Working for an early stage startup is complex but there is a lot of room to grow and learn. 

What do you like most about working at Scorable?

I enjoy the opportunity to be involved in so many different topics. Scorable only launched two months after I joined – and I think it’s great to be with a business right from the start and to be able to shape the future of the company. We’re a small team with very ambitious objectives so everyone has to be proactive and open-minded to try new approaches to work, finding new clients and improving collaboration with existing ones. Finally, I enjoy being the link between clients and our team.

You worked for traditional banks and asset managers before moving into fintech, how did you find the transition?

Banks and asset managers are usually highly process-driven and very hierarchical. As an employee you oversee specific tasks. Working for a startup, however, your responsibilities tend to be much broader, which requires a different skill set. As a sales specialist at Scorable, for instance, my scope is much wider than only directly sales-related activities – I also deal with inbound marketing, market analysis, customer research and offer advice on technological solutions.

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

Currently, the biggest challenge in my role is to raise awareness of our product and to build a strong brand. We are continuously testing different approaches and channels to find out what works best. We use those learnings to define our outreach strategy going forward and to optimize our internal processes in order to grow sustainably.

How do you find life in Berlin?

My wife and I decided to move to Berlin to get a better quality of life. Living in Paris can be intense and very expensive. By moving to Berlin, we doubled the size of our apartment and halved the time of our commute.

The great thing is that cultural life in Berlin is as dynamic as in Paris, there are plenty of museums and a lot of options to enjoy the Asian and Turkish influence on Berlin’s culinary scene.

Last but not least, the lifestyle in our “kiez” is very pleasant. It feels like living in a village in the middle of a huge city.

What do you do when you are not at work?

During the first months, we were very busy finding an apartment, settling down and sorting out all the administrative work that a move brings.

But now, we have more time to enjoy the Berlin lifestyle: shopping at Berlin’s various flea markets, visiting museums, going to clubs and restaurants, and enjoying our Kiez-Kino.

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