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The growing amount of data available and the increasing requirements for credit risk assessments lead to complex and costly processes.

Scorable uses Artificial Intelligence to combine different types of data such as fundamental data, news text data and rating data – for timely in-depth analyses that lead to holistic and actionable insights.

What makes us different?

Scorable uses an integrated AI approach paired with "explainable AI" to ensure accurate and transparent models.
Integrated qualitative and quantitative data models
Integrated qualitative and quantitative data models
Scorable combines quantitative with qualitative data from the ground-up, accounting for previously uncaptured data interdependencies.
Transparency and traceability through explainable AI
Transparency and traceability through explainable AI
Scorable implements the scientific approach of “explainable AI”, enabling users to trace, fully decode and comprehend model insights to increase confidence in results.
User-centered and customizable product experience
User-centered and customizable product experience
Scorable can be fully customized to monitor a specific set of issuers or investment universe with configurable alert systems and drill-down analytics.

Rating Downgrade Model

Our AI-based Rating Downgrade (RD) Model uses combined analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.

It provides issuer-specific forward-looking predictions with corresponding bands of machine-defined RD probabilities.

For full transparency the model also indicates the accuracy of our modelling performance.

Historical model results are displayed to easily identify the development of credit quality over time.
Rating Downgrade Model

RD Model Insights

Scorable uses a proprietary “explainable AI” approach, showing the contributing variables to our RD Score.

Unlike black-box models which only show the input-output relationship, our models provide understandable features and a transparent Machine Learning process.

RD Model Insights

Alerts Engine

The integrated alerts engine generates traditional as well as “smart alerts” from model results.

The alerts engine is customizable to individual users and provides instant notifications as soon as credit risk relevant events occur.

Alerts Engine 1Alerts Engine 2
Scorable - whitepaper

Our White Paper

Scorable’s predictions are based on a multitude of processing steps leading up to a proprietary modeling approach. Read our white paper to learn more about the entire pipeline and how Scorable moves from raw data to actionable insights.

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